o0_l_o0 is a Fashion and Fine Art spatial magazine based in London and the first spatial magazine in the world: leading the magazine industry from print and digital format to a spatial format.
instead of having content that is viewed on paper, mobile or desktop, o0_l_o0 is a physical space at a venue and the rooms within the space are the “pages”.
o0_l_o0 will be a mesmerising and thought-provoking immersive experience aimed to raise awareness of social and political ideas and concepts to society without inflicting bias ideas. We aim to empower and inspire creative innovation in London and around the world.

First spatial magazine in the world: Exploring social and political concepts and ideas through sustainable Fashion and Fine Art.

Yes, o0_l_o0 cannot be pronounced.

The multi-sensory and multidisciplinary immersive experiences will include exclusive and live content from Musicians, Poets, Fashion Designers, Filmmakers, Choreographers and other young creatives that will be delivering innovative content.


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